Carpenter Ants Bring Trouble


Carpenter Ants are truly the leading “Home Wreckers” of all the ants. While other ants are content to simply invade your home and eat your food, and sometimes even move their nest indoors, carpenter ants do all these things, and more. They actually hollow out wood in your home to create better housing for themselves! These unwelcome pests eventually cause serious damage if they are left uncontrolled.

A large carpenter ant colony often has one main nesting site, and one more “Satellite” colonies. Because of this, a single colony may have nests both inside and outside of your home. Homes with lots of tress around them are especially vulnerable to attack.

Carpenter ants can excavate sound wood, but they much prefer to hollow out wood that is moist and partially decayed. This type of wood is softer and easier to chew, and they can excavate it more quickly. Sometimes carpenter ants nest in spots that are naturally hollowed out, such as void spaces behind walls, and in spaces under roof boards or behind insulation.

Cut back branches of shrubs and trees so they don’t touch your home even when its windy. Also make sure there are no leaks in your roof. If you see what you think may be carpenter ants in or around your home, call us so we can schedule to inspect for ants and determine the best control. It is important to find their nest and control the ants before they cause serious damage.

Carpenter Ants Bring Trouble